Top 5 White Board Softwares Download For Windows 7,8.1

Date added: September 4, 2015

White Board can help you create your game plan for success people to develop a commitment by  downloading  best free white board software for windows 7, 8.1. Changes and improvement in the level of technology have led to the positive impacts in various sectors. Whiteboard software has truly changed and enhanced various sectors, especially the education sector where knowledge can now be shared easily. The software download and usage procedures are simple and much easier, it does not require one to be tech savvy in order to download and use these top, best and free whiteboard software. The following list contains the compilation of top 5 whiteboard software that are currently considered as the best software based on their features and performance.

Top 5 WhiteBoard Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Software Name Size Price validity Operating SystemDownload Link
Open Sankore Whiteboard 50.7MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8
Download Here
Whyteboard 5.89MBFreeLife Time windows 7 8Download Here
Desktop Whiteboard 737KBFreeLife Time windows 7 8Download Here
NittiTre White Board 782KBFreeLife Time windows 7 8Download Here
Cooperative Whiteboard 65KBFreeLife Time Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Download Here

Top 5 White Board Software Download For Windows 7,8.1

 Open Sankore Whiteboard Download

This is the best software in making perfect interactive whiteboards. It’s compatible with windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


· It has an integrated web browser for exploring the internet and collecting more information.
· It can export the session in PDF and IWB file formats.
· It has an ergonomic interface which enables it to combine the simplicity of the traditional teaching tools with the advantage of modern teaching tools provided by improved technology.
· It has an automatic data backup that prevents loss of data.
· It’s a universal program in that it can be used on various platforms. It is also translated into many languages that enables it to be adaptable to all its users, from beginners to experts
· It can import flash animations, images, audio and videos which makes it a program dedicated to education
· You can set the desktop background in four different shapes using this software
· It has good drawing tool collections whiteboard

Whyteboard Download

This is a fast and easy to use software which has very useful tools and features.


· It’s available in multiple languages.
· It enables drawing on top of PDF and PostScript documents using ImageMagick and stores the drawing history and allows the user to replay it at a latter date interactive whiteboard.
· It has tabbed painting and in addition, each sheet has its own, unlimited undo and redo operations.
· You can paste, drag and drop texts and images
· Has a live updating and resizable canvas that stretches to your preferred size whiteboard

Desktop Whiteboard Download

This is a unique tool, especially for the creative minded individuals because of its features.


· It enables users to create storyboards, project graphics and text on screen.
· It enables the user to either draw by mouse (or digitizer) and write by keyboard
· Can be used for educational purposes as it has drawing over image capabilities.
· It’s easy to use and has printing and image export options
· It has multi screen support
· It has auto save and back up feature
· Has 7 global themes, from standard interactive whiteboard, blackboard and more

 NittiTre White Board Download

It’s a one of its kind NittiTre whiteboard software as it makes the entire desktop screen a virtual interactive whiteboard


· It allows you to write and paint on top of other applications
· It has onscreen controls in the top left corner of the screen
· It provides sketching in four different colors, Green, Red, Blue and Black.
· Sketching sizes are available in small, medium, large, huge and massive sizes
· It lets you set the screen capacity while drawing

Cooperative Whiteboard Download

It’s another great software that can be used to share maps, blueprints, collaborative drawings and discuss different strategies in real time whiteboard software.


· It provides sketching tools in six different color, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Pink and Purple.
· It enables users to share and import images in JPG, PNG and GIF formats
· It is portable and very lightweight.
· It verifies the used image against the server image to ensure it is the same.
In conclusion, all these top software provide the best whiteboard drawing sheets and drawing tools and they are available online for free download. These software download will actually change your whiteboard experience are highly recommend by a vast majority of people who have used them. Let your desires and wishes come true.

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