Top 5 Animation Softwares Free Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: September 8, 2015

Create the best animations from the comfort of your couch through the top best animation software from the below list and availabe download for free. After the download of animation software, you could easily create an animated video and images that will enhance the ambiance of your website. Animation is fun and the best software make it easy work.

Download Best Animation Software For Windows 7, 8.1

Software Name SizePrice validity Operating System Download Link
Easy GIF Animator 15.5MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
Aurora 3D Animation Maker 44.0MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
Falco Gif Animator 24.19MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
Amara Photo Animation 44.0MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
DP Animation Maker 15.1MBFree Life Time Windows 7, 8Download Here

Top 5 Animation Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Easy GIF Animator Download

Easy GIF animator is an easy to use animation software available free download and is suitable for both professionals and beginners since it easily creates animated pictures and banners. One of its highlights is that it is very versatile and one can also use JPG, BMP and PNG in creating animated images with it. It also allows one to add sparkle and other visually stunning effects to their animated images. Using it will ensure that your images are well optimized and will therefore not take up a lot of space on your website enabling it to load faster and be visually appealing to the visitors.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download

The Aurora 3D software makes eye popping visuals that capture and pique the interest of all those who visit your website. It is appropriate for the creative since it has limitless special visual and motion effects that encourages imagination. Using this software, an animator can easily incorporate their animated images or videos onto a website. In addition, it also creates modern and engaging logos and videos.

Falco Gif Animator Download

Falco animator is appropriate for professional level graphics creators. It is one of the best tools to create and edit animated images for games, software products and application programs. In addition to creation and editing, Falco GIF animator also allows for exporting of animations either in video or images onto websites. It allows its users to copy/paste in multiple windows, make Photoshop selections and also creates visual and color effects on the animated images. It also supports multiple formats for saving your animated images.

Amara Photo Animation Download

Amara photo animation software that brings life to still images. It does this by creating motion to the images through a slide show. This software allows you to create a slideshow and also add extra features such as pauses, zoom, text over picture and also hyperlinks and background music. With this software it is possible to create visual tour through images.

DP Animation Maker Download

DP animation maker is an animation software that creates animated videos and slideshows for still images. It is easy to use and can therefore be used by both the gurus and beginners in animation. It contains effects that not only change the hue and color of images but also brush the images to create life, motion and different backgrounds. It also allows one to add objects and also into their still images and slideshows. It supports numerous video formats giving you the flexibility you require while saving and using your videos with different devices and operating systems.


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