Tips to Make Money with Blog [Best and Recommended Methods]

Date added: July 26, 2014

These days most of the people have started blogging and some of them becomes successful while others not. The reason is that in the early stages of blogging you need to focus on building blog audience and learning new stuff in order to start making money by blogging. In this article, we are going to talk about what is a blog ? and methods to make money with blog.

Must Follow Methods To Make Money With Blog

Tips to Make Money with Blog [Best and Recommended Methods]

What is a Blog?

In short words, we can say that a blog is a website where users publish their favorite stuff or information/articles etc on daily basis. The best part about it is that a website cannot been able to become a successful blog while a blog can easily be able to become successful website.

Beginner Guide to Build a Better Blog

If you own a blog and want to know how to make money with blog or how do you make money from a blog, then follow this step by step complete guide mentioned in this article:

Get a Domain Name

The very first thing that you should need to try out is to get attractive, branded and unique domain name for your blog from some top/popular domain registrar or web hosting company. Always prefer to buy a unique domain name according to your blog niche. Niche is considered as topic, take an example you are expert in gadget reviews, then you will need to buy a domain name.

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Choosing the Best Web Hosting

The next thing that you will need to buy/purchase a storage space in online world. So that you will be able to build up good relations with other blogs. Below I am sharing the top and best web hosting companies which are offering good rate for it’s users, Have  a look at them below:




Ask For Host

I will not recommend HostGator and Ipage Web hosting because they are not good now as customer faces server down issues any more other problems etc.

Choose the CMS (Blogging) Platform

Now it’s time for you to select the content management system (CMS) based platform to start your blogging journey. Tumber and self hosted WordPress are the two most popular CMS platforms used by millions of bloggers and internet marketers. You can also start your blogging journey from where you only need to use custom domain not web hosting etc. For better and professional blogging, I will highly recommend to use WordPress platform.

Choose the Best Niche

Once you have bought a custom domain name and web hosting then you will need to think on which topic you can write articles better or in which field you are experienced. If you have some experience with insurance field then you can start a blog about insurance guides and tips etc.

Blog Design

Once you have done the above steps and started writing articles, it’s time for you to take a look on blog design as well. Always make sure that you are using responsive designed and fast loading themes for better search engines ranking.

SEO Optimize your Blog

Another thing that you will need to do after writing content on your blog is to optimized it well according to search engines point of view. If your blog is well optimized and articles are keyword researched then you can expect your good rankings in search engines.

Social Media for Promotion

After publishing articles on your blog, you will need to share your content on social media and social bookmarking websites in order to increase your blog audience and increasing social signals as well which plays vital role in search engines rankings.

Useful Tips to Make Money with Blog

Once you are done with your blog and started getting good traffic to your blog, then you can monetize it through various methods which are mentioned below:

1. Advertising

You can start making money with a blog through offering advertisement spaces on your blog. So if you have good content and good traffic and rankings, advertisers will automatically contact you for advertising on your blog.

2. Offering Services

If you are expert in some specific field, you can offer various services regarding that particular field and make good income on monthly basis. Most of the SEO experts are making handsome revenue through this method.

3. Writing Product Reviews

Another best method you can try to make money with blog is by writing product reviews of those products which comes under your blog niche. I mean to say if your blog is about SEO, then review the products on your blog which are related to Search engine optimization.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products from various affiliate networks and receive commissions of promotion. In order to make good income, first you will need to know about the basic things about affiliate marketing and then you can try it.

5. Google AdSense/Infolinks/ BuySell Ads

If guys are getting good number of visitors towards your blog, then you can increase your revenue by putting advertisements of Google AdSense, Infolinks or BuySellAds etc. Google AdSense is CPC based advertising network while Infolinks is CPM based advertising network while BuySellAds helps to sell advertisement spaces on your blog.

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