Top 5 Music Player Software Free Download For Windows 10, 8.1 And Win 7

Date added: October 8, 2014

Get Free Download Top 5 Music Player Software for windows 10,8, 7 , Smart Phones, Android to listen Music/any videos.

Best Top 5 Music Player For Windows 10, 8.1 And Win 7

Software NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Songbird music player15.1 MBFreeLife TimeWindows 7,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10
Download Here
JetAudio music player37.12 MBFreeLife TimeWindows 7,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10

Download Here
The MusicBee player14.76 MBFreeLife TimeWindows 7,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10

Download Here
Winamp music player-FreeLife TimeWindows 7,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10
Download Here
MixZing music playerVaries with deviceFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here



There are many music players for free download, in that we offer top 5 best music players for download with out any cost. below we can select any best software for windows 8, 7, 10 etc.

Songbird music player

Songbird utilized the cross platform, Gstreamer Media and Mozilla XUL Runner frameworks. Songbird software had the ability to run on Microsoft windows and Macintosh operating systems. But in 2012 due to advancement in mobile operating systems a version of songbird that could run on both Android and IOS was released. The songbird Music player has many capabilities among them being the integrated web browser feature.

JetAudio Music player

JetAudio is a free music player with a lot of features in it. Which includes an Audio CD ripping, Converting of digital audio files to preferred formats and Recording among others. JetAudio player was started as windows player, but due to the high use of Android devices an android version of JetAudio was therefore launched.

The MusicBee player

The MusicBee player is a free software, that uses the Bass audio library. it has unique features like the ability to play consecutive audio tracks without being interrupted. MusicBee also support synchronization of music to other devices like devices with IOS platform among other devices. The MusicBee software is available both for windows and the Android version.

Winamp music player

Winamp music player is an application that can be used both in Windows and Android operating systems, winamp for Android application allows users to listen to music in their devices by importing music libraries from their computers. Winamp also has several SHOUTcast radio stations that users can listen to, either through 3G or WI-Fi network. Winamp allows users to create playlists, search and even filters songs.

MixZing player

MixZing  Software is being referred to an advanced music player by many sites. The reason being that this is a player has advanced features of the past music players. It comes with features like the internet Radio. Also MixZing allows a user to play music similar to the ones that he/she is listening to his/her music library. MixZing also can display lyrics for millions of songs and download missing album art automatically.

these all are latest and best music apps for android ever, hope this article is helpful for download free music player.

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