Remote Access PC | Quick Steps To Control PC From Android Free

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Date added: January 4, 2015

Many individuals and companies have come up with multiple ways to manually control your PC by using various devices. But did you know that you can also control your PC by using your Android phone? The process is easy, here we show you quick steps to access pc from android .

The Best Application To Access PC From Android Free

Remote Access PC | How To Control PC From Android Free

Now Control PC From AnyWhere With Android

All it takes from you is downloading a free app called “Remote Mouse” tore. Remote mouse allows you to turn your Android phone into a mouse for your PC to control pc via the phone’s touchscreen function.

  • Before downloading the app, however, you will want to first visit RemoteMouse site via your PC to install the “Remote Mouse” PC software before you begin to use the mobile app.
  • Initially you need to access the android Play store on your Android phone to download Remote Mouse application which provides remote access.
  • Once the installation has been completed, tap the “Open” button to open the app on your phone.
  • Open the app and tap the “Settings” button. You will want to turn the “Auto Connect” option on in order to automatically connect to the app via a WiFi network, but you may also change any settings that you deem necessary.

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  • Once you have finished adjusting any settings, you are now ready to use the app. Simply touch your Android phone‘s screen and move your finger, and the arrow on your PC from the mouse will move as well.

In this way you can control pc with android if in-case forgot to retrieve some information, to shut down, to access the pc kinda stuff.

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