3 Quick Steps To Control Android Phone From PC | Remote Access Android

Date added: January 22, 2015

Learn how to remotely access your Android Phone (Samsung, HTC, SONY, LG etc…) without touching from PC/Laptop with the help of below mentioned easy quick steps.


Control Android Phone From PC | Remote Access Android

Two Best Apps And Easy Steps To Manage Android Device From PC


1) Android Phone

2) Internet Connectivity

3) A desktop computer/ laptop with standard browser support.

Remote Control Android From PC With AirDroid App

If you are firing up AirDroid for the first time, it will show up a screen where you have to login with an existing account or simply you can create one. If you don’t want to create one, it will allow you to do but it’s not recommended doing so!
Now for the connectivity part, AirDroid gives three options to connect. Before setting up Download Airdroid here

1) Lite Connection mode: If we connect in Lite Mode, AirDroid allows operations such as SMS, contacts but the major features of finding Phone and many more may not be done.

2)LAN Connection Mode: In LAN Connection mode if you have an account with AirDroid you can directly login. If not then you will have to open http://web.airdroid.com on desktop browser and scan QR Code button and get it verified!

3)Remote Access: This mode is handy when both your device and computer are not linked to the same network, AirDroid allows remote connection. But it doesn’t come up for free, first 100MB monthly usage is free, if you want more then there is an optional premium package.

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Now Access Android From PC Using MOBIZEN App Easily 

Control Android Phone From PC | Remote Access Android

Mobizen App is another minimalistic control Android remotely application whose setup is direct and straightforward. Core app is settings based and depending on your phone engine app is downloaded automatically. Download Mobizen

Once that’s done registering is mandatory which is followed by downloading the app which supports both PC/Mac (Different software’s). Precautions should be taken,  if connection is made via WiFi then computer and phone should be on same network, else USB connection mode is also added. Upon successful connection it mirrors the screen on your computer!

What these Applications enables us is the added ability to use your Android phone, check contacts, send text messages, take remote photo or use it as a real time monitoring tool with no special hardware change.

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