Hide Files | Two Easy Ways To Hide Files In Android Phone Without App

Date added: January 2, 2015

We are offering two crazy easy tricks to Hide Files, images, videos and important folders in Android Smart Phones (Samsung,HTC,LG etc) without using third party Apps.

Thankfully, Android has already had the solution without any application. This allows files and folders to be accessible only to file manager app.

Hide Files In Android Phone With Built-In Features Without Apps

Hide Files | Hide Files In Android Phone Without App

Hide Files and Folders With Simple Trick In Android

To hide the desired files, you can start by creating a folder which will be hidden or simply use the existing one on your device.You can name the folder based on your personal preference.

  • Go to file manager settings and find Show Hidden Files/Folders. Check it and save the settings.
  • Now, find the folder you want to hide and rename it by adding an extra dot (.) just before the folder’s name. For example, if the folder’s name is Private, you can simply rename it into.Private (please notice that the renamed folder has an additional dot).
  • Finally, you can go back to the file manager to disable the Show Hidden Files/Folders and make it hide from your gallery. That’s it.

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Besides simple and fast trick above, you can also try another trick using .No media file. For this one, you can start by creating a folder where you will hide the expected files or simply use the existing folder where the files are kept already.

  • Next, you just need to copy and paste the .No media file into the desired folder. The simplest way to get the.nomedia, you can go to.. /sdcard/Android/data.
  • When the .No media has been pasted, the folder will not be shown in Gallery, Video Player, or Music Library.

Hide Files Android is Done.

What you need to keep in mind is that the hidden folders can be accessed in File Manager and other systems on your computer before Hide Files.

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