Best Free Calling Apps For Android To AnyWhere

Date added: January 3, 2015

Free Calling Apps for android are Applications that provide a free and easy way to to call. With land lines quickly becoming outdated, what is the best free calling app for android calling apps are a great way to communicate and at no cost at all. Listed below are the top free wifi calling app for android.

List of Top Free Calling Apps For Android Phone

App Name FilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Magic AppVaries with DeviceFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here
Viber38 MBFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here
Talkatone9.7 MBFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here
Net Talk 5.5 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
TangoVaries with deviceFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here

Best Free Calling Apps For Android To AnyWhere

Free Calling Apps For Android For You

The Magic App Download

The Magic App by Magic Jack is very different from other calling apps in that as a Magic App user, you can call someone who doesn’t even use the Magic App. If you are in the USA or Canada, your calls are practically free to everyone. However if your outside of Canada or the USA and are calling someone without the Magic App, the usual fees will apply.

Key features of the magic jack include

– Inviting people you know such as friends and family to download the Magic App and enjoy free calling.
– Easy to share phone numbers and Emails.
– The ability of the user to check their credit balance.
– Can check out International calling rates.
– Free phone calls to other Magic App users around the Globe.
– Unlimited and Long distance calling in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Viber Download

Viber, another great free calling app with over 2 million users is free and on android. As long as the person being called is another Viber user, the call is 100% free. You can also Instant message and text other Viber users for free! Viber is very simple and easy use, just perfect for getting started.

Key features of Viber include:

Free texting with other Viber users.
– Free phone Calls and HD quality video calls.
– Share photos, video and voice messages, and locations.
– Push notifications so you never miss a message or call.
– Can be integrated with a native contact list for calls and messages.

Talkatone Download

Talkatone is a free calling app for android that utilizes cell data and WiFi to make free calls. Talkatone even gives you your own local USA phone number to use!

Key features of the Talkatone App include

– Free calls and texts via cell phone data and WiFi.
– A free USA local number to use.
– Calling and texting to other phones not using Talkatone.
– When traveling overseas, use WiFi and the calls are free!
– Can use your tablet as a phone with Talkatone.

Net Talk Download

Best Free Calling Apps For Android To Any Where

Net Talk is another great choice from android in deciding what free call App to use in your daily life. With home phone capabilities and great on the go service, Net Talk is a wise choice in using a free calling App.

Key features of Net Talk include

– With the Duo home phone number, you can make and receive calls on the go!
– Includes a free international radio for entertainment.
– Make conference calls with unlimited participants.
– Free calls.

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Tango Download

Tango App on android a free calls app has been around for a little while, but is still a prime choice when deciding what App to use for your calls. With free calls, messages and group messages to other Tango users, how can you pass it up? Tango even includes built in games for your entertainment.

Key features of The Tango App include

– All calls, video, and text messages are free globally and locally.
– Calling and messaging doesn’t use up your minutes or phone plan.
– Great vocal quality with 3G, 4G, and WiFi.
– Works across a wide range of tablets, cell phones, and other devices.
– Plenty of customization for your profile, calls, contacts, and even messages.
– Browse channels and watch videos.
– Keep up with the latest trends and music groups.

Free calling Apps on android are great ways to upgrade from your old outdated land line to and easy, modern, and free way of communicating. With Apps like like The Magic app, Viber, Talkatone, Net Talk and Tango, it’s simple and easy to make the switch. It’s about to time to upgrade, don’t you think?

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