Five Quick Steps To Fix Blue Screen Error On Windows 7, 8.1 | BSOD

Date added: March 12, 2015

A Blue Screen Error is also known as BSOD, this error is an unpleasant sight for users especially when there are no details are displayed for the errors that are caused. In order to recover from these errors Windows will enforce users to reboot the system and a loss of data will be a possible scenario due to BSOD.

Blue Screen of Death Windows 7, 8.1 | Fix It

fix blue screen error

Follow Few Tips to Fix Blue Screen Error

Re-collect if you have you installed or changed anything recently

A common cause can be for blue screen error in windows is installing any hardware, changes to settings or software updates. So undo the changes for example Uninstall recent software installations, Restore system settings or Rollback the hard drivers that you have installed recently.

Scan Your System

There are possibilites that some harmful viruses or malware can cause for blue screen errors in windows 7, 8.1, it is advised to first check that your anti virus is up to date and then run a full scan on your system to remove viruses or malwares that are caused for BSOD.

Run a Test on System Hardware

To find out any root cause of hardware failure run a hardware diagnostic test on you system, it is highly likely that the failure of hardware(eg; HDD or System memory) can cause for blue screen errors. If hardware diagnostic test fails replace the hardware in your system accordingly.

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Repair Windows Installations

Failure of your systems files can cause blue screen error in windows so, repairing your Windows installation can be quick fix for BSOD. Insert Windows installation CD into your system disk drive and run repair Windows installation, which will delete old files and copies with new system files.

Hard Disk Housekeeping

Check if your hard drive is running out of space(less than 15%) that has got Window installation.Delete all unnecessary files or move across to other drive if there is a partition of drives available in your system.

Blue screen error will occur due to hardware failures, faulty system memory, malfunctioning of hardware, power supply issues, system components getting over heated, software virus conflicts, low-level software running in the Windows kernel, software updates, failure of graphic cards, RAM, faulty network cables or early builds of Window Vista versions can cause blue screen errors.

Unfortunately there are no specified problems that can cause blue screen errors as-is, in some cases it can also be failed other than above stated reasons. So one should find out the root cause of the error by running your system in safe mode.

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