Five Easy Steps To Delete Unwanted Apps In Android Smart Phone

Date added: January 3, 2015

Everyone has apps they either accidentally downloaded or that they never use. These unused apps can be a huge hassle. They take up space on your phone, clutter up your home screen, and effectively slow down your device in general. By deleting these unused apps you free up space for new ones and speed your phone up. These next steps will teach you to delete unused apps and allow more freedom on your device!

Five Easy Steps To Delete An App Which Are Unused

Delete Unwanted Apps In Android Smart Phone

Following Steps Will Permanently Delete/Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Step 1: Depending on the type of phone you have, you want to head to your settings.
Step 2: Scroll around until you see the tab that says “Apps” or “Applications
Step 3: Again, depending on the phone you have, it should display “Running apps”, “Downloaded apps”, or “All apps”. You’ll want to head to the “Downloaded app” tab and find the app you would like to remove.
Step 4: Once you find the app you want to delete, you may now tap the button that says “Clear data” or “Clear cache”, both of which can are interchangeable and do the same thing.
Step 5:  After that’s done, you may now tap “Uninstall app”, removing that app permanently. Now you’re done with deleting an app.

There you have it, Now your phone should run faster, and have more room to install other apps. Remember that once your apps are deleted, you cannot get them back unless you re-install them again. Always remember to be safe and download from trusted sources, and come back to this guide if you need forget to uninstall apps again!

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