Top 5 Backup And Restore Android Apps And Data Free Download

Date added: January 23, 2015

Have you ever lost some photos, documents, games or videos on your Android phone and you did not have a backup? Losing apps or data can be quite traumatizing but with backup and restore apps android one can easily recover all the lost items and save  apps and data in a usable format.

Best App Backup And Restore Apps For Android Free

App Name FilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Helium 5.5 MBFreeLift TimeAndroidDownload Here
App Backup and RestoreVaries with deviceFreeLift TimeAndroidDownload Here
Ultimate Backup6.1 MBFreeLift TimeAndroid
Download Here
Titanium Backup7.3 MBFreeLift TimeAndroidDownload Here
G Cloud BackupVaries with deviceFreeLift TimeAndroidDownload Here

Top 5 Backup And Restore Android Apps And Data Free Download

Now Backup And Restore Android Apps And Data With Top 5 Apps

Helium App Download

Helium app is a backup and restore app that saves data or information and app files in SD cards, PCs or cloud storage and enables users to access this information in an easy way. The app does not require root, allows scheduled backups, enables users to sync data to other Android devices, and provides automatic scheduled backups.

App Backup and Restore Download

App Backup and Restore app is the best free android backup and restore app builds a backup for Android applications package (.apk) files which allows access, saving, sending and storage of apps in batches plus the interface is nice and easy to use. An app manager is available, apps can be sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, provides an automatic backup on install and has various versions for backup available.

Ultimate Backup App Download

Ultimate Backup app provides management features for Android apps, which makes it possible to backup, uninstall, manage tasks, sync to cloud, users have the capability of altering their layout and the user interface is very attractive. Different options of backup are available from Drop box to local storage on PCs.

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Titanium Backup App Download

Top 5 Backup And Restore Android Apps And Data Free Download

Generally some of people does not know how to backup apps in android, here Titanium Backup app is one of the most powerful backup utilities which require advanced Android skills as it needs root. Preferably use it to store and backup apps and their data. Various features are available including batch backup, encryption, sync to and from Drop Box and Box, restore of apps and data, and backup scheduling.

G Cloud Backup App Download

G Cloud Backup app free download is a simple to use backup solutions which helps protect and restore data, files, information, sms, call logs and stores it in a cloud, which allows use of different devices in a well organized manner and easy to retrieve. Backup is done automatically, provides a pass-code for data protection, root is not required and backup on various devices.

Using any one of this apps will ensure that when or if you lose your apps or data it can easily be restored. Titanium may be the best app as it has many users and the app has good ratings.

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