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Date added: February 12, 2015

VMWare Player is a popular virtualization tool that allows you to run multiple OS on one PC at the same time. With this software you can run Linux or Windows os virtually inside your Windows machine or vice versa. It has an easy to use interface that allows you to install OS painlessly. Most of all, VMWare Player is freeware. Using virtual machines let you test new software without risking your system.

Run Two Operating Systems With VMware Player

Software SizePrice ValidityOpearating SystemDownload Link
vmware player69.5MBFreeWindows xp,7,8Download Now

Virtually Install Multiple OS With VMware Player | Free Download

Top 5 VMWare Player Features

  1. Intuitive User Interface: VMWare Player allows you to easily create and run new virtual machines with a click of a button. It has a streamlined interface that is easy to navigate and setup.
  2. Unmatched OS Compatibility: Over a hundred different operating systems are supported so you can run whatever OS you want. From Windows 1.0, Debian 7.0 or even Mac OSX, both old and new OS are supported by this program. VMWare Player 7 also supports the upcoming Windows 10.
  3. Portability: Virtual Machines created in another PC can be run in any machine that has VMWare Player installed. You don’t have to worry about hardware configurations and the like.
  4. Safety: VMWare Player allows you to run restricted virtual machines with ease. Restricted virtual machines allow you to do runtime password protection, USB access restriction, create time limitations among other things.
  5. Turn old systems into VMs: VMWare Player comes with a tool that can image a system whole and turn it into a virtual machine. Using this you can turn your old PCs into a VM saving you electricity.

VMWare Player vs VirtualBox

VMWare and VirtualBox have both free virtualization software available but VMWare is the better of the two. First, VMWare is the top virtualization company in the industry. Their player is more polished compared to VirtualBox. VMWare is also a Type 1 hypervisor which is widely believed to be more efficient than Type 2 hypervisors like VirtualBox. Lastly, VMWare has a lot of well established tools and programs made for it.

How to Use VMWare Player

Download vmware player free download here for windows 7, 8.1. Make sure to select the right installer for your system. Now follow the instruction depending on your OS.

how to use vmware

On windowsGo to the folder where you downloaded the installer. Right-click the installer and click Run as Administrator. Follow the installation wizard and restart the system.

After restarting, you should see a VMWare icon on your desktop, double click on this to run VMWare. From there you can use the intuitive interface to create and run new virtual machines.

On Linux: Open the terminal and login as root. The command you need to type is either “su root” or “sudo” depending on your distro. Change to the directory where you put the installer. Now run it via typing “sh VMware-Player-e.x.p-xxxx.architecture.bundle –option” where e.x.p-xxxx depends on your architecture, version and build. Follow the onscreen instruction and restart the system.

After restarting, you can start the VMWare player by typing “/usr/bin/vmplayer &” in the command line. It will run and you can use the GUI to do what you want next.

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