6 Simple Steps To Turn Off Monitor With A Shortcut On Windows

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Date added: December 16, 2014

The monitor is that component of a computer which uses a high amount of electric power when it is in the state of operation. It is essential to turn off monitor when you are not tasked on it if you want to save a nice sum of money spent on paying the electricity bill. Switching off manually or using the energy saver mode is a bit less convenient than using a hotkey to turn off  monitor whenever you wish to.

Turn Off The Monitor By Using Hotkey

Turn Off Monitor With A Shortcut On Windows

One can easily use the turn off monitor facility for turning off when it is not put into use by setting up a hotkey or a shortcut key that will provide a quick access to the specific function of turn off monitor from anywhere in Windows. Setting up a hotkey will also provide the additional function of locking the task station, launching a screen saver, etc.

Simple Steps To Create Shortcut In Order To Turn Off Monitor

Step 1

Initially you need to have NirCmd application which is a multipurpose utility provided by NIRSOFT can download here.

Step 2

Right click on the desktop. Click on new and then on the option “shortcut”.

Step 3

A pop-up window will open. Browse the location where the nircmd.exe file is saved.

Step 4

Type the following path in the browse option
“C:\path\to\nircmd.exe” cmnduit 1000 monitors off.

Step 5

Click on “next”.

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Step 6 (Optional)

Go to shortcut properties and allot a shortcut key or icon as per your choice.

After creating this shortcut key, you can use it every time to turn off monitor. Using a shortcut key to turn off  monitor for the above mentioned purpose is indeed a nice utility function. It saves power as well as your money with minimum manual interference and efforts and most importantly it works on your command which is among its major benefits.

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