Simple Process To Use Truecaller For PC For Free

Date added: July 1, 2014
TrueCaller is considered as one of the most popular android application that provides information (name & address) related to any number in the world. Truecaller for PC app is used by almost every android smart phone or android device user in the world in order to trace other people mobile numbers. It is one of the biggest directory for mobile numbers having  more than 700 million mobile numbers in database.
Simple Process To Use Truecaller For PC For Free

Features of Truecaller For PC

Because of its popularity among android users, most of the people also demanded for the PC version of Truecaller app. Don’t worry we have written a useful guide which will guide you to use Truecaller for PC.  You don’t need to download any program or software in order to run Truecaller for PC. Just you will need to follow all the essential steps given below and you will be able to trace any mobile number from your PC easily.
Before we are going to share the guide to use Truecaller for PC, first you will need to know a little bit about Truecaller.

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About Truecaller For PC – Best Mobile Number Tracing Software

Truecaller is one of the best software or program which is available for multiple platforms including android, Windows phone and iOS users. It helps users to find out the name and address details of specific mobile number. The best part about this tool is that whenever you gets call from any other person, it will show you the details on the top of screen after getting data from its database. But the main thing is that it requires internet connection in order to take advantage of such features.
Another amazing features of Truecaller is inbuilt call blocker which allows the users to block any kind of spam or unwanted text messages or calls. So next time when you receive call from that particular number, it will automatically starts rejecting.

Simple Steps To Use Truecaller For PC

Follow the step by step guide given below in order use Truecaller for PC:
1. Go to Truecaller website.
2. You will then need to enter the mobile number which you are looking to trace.
3. When prompted,it will ask you to sign in using any social account.
4. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be then redirected to the details page of that particular mobile number.

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So this is the easiest guide to trace any mobile number through Truecaller on PC. You don’t need to download any android emulator in order to install this app. We hope you liked this tutorial about using Truecaller for PC. If you are facing any issues while trying this tutorial or have any query, feel free to ask in comments section.

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