2 Ways To Transfer Data From PC To PC In Windows | Transfer Files easily

Date added: February 18, 2015

There are many reasons why you would need to transfer data from one PC to another. You might have a new PC and want the files from the old pc transferred. Whatever your reasons, transferring files can be problem to someone that do not know how to do it. But don’t worry, here we show you have quick steps to transfer files via lan or easy transfer in a couple of simple steps.

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2 Ways To Transfer Data From PC To PC In Windows

Transfer Files From PC to PC Via Easy Transfer

1. On the PC you want the files copied, click the Start button and on the search box, type Easy Transfer. Then click on Windows Easy Transfer.
2. You will be shown an introductory scene, click next.
3. On the next screen, select “A network”.
4. Select this “This is my old computer.”
5. After selecting it, Windows Easy Transfer will show you a key in this format: 111-1111. Write this down, it’s important.
6. Now on the new PC, run Windows Easy Transfer.
7. Select “A network” then select “This is my new computer”.
8. You will be asked for a transfer key, type the transfer key you got on step 5.
9. It will show you a list of users on the PC along with their files. Select the files you want copied and click transfer.
10. Wait a bit and your files are transferred.
11. Congratulations! Your files are now copied, you can find them on the same location as they had on your old pc.

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Transfer Files Through LAN

Transfer Files From PC To PC In Windows 7, 8.1

1. You would need a crossover lan cable. If you don’t have one most computer shop sells one.
2. Plug the cable on both PCs ethernet port. They should light up.
3. Change the workgroup of both computers and make sure they’re the same. You can do this by right clicking on My Computer and clicking properties. You should see the workgroup there.
4. If the workgroup of each pc is different from each other, change the workgroup so that they’re the same. Reboot the PC to apply the changes.
5. You need to enable file sharing on the old PC. Click start, and search for “network and sharing center”. Click change advanced sharing settings and select “Turn on File Sharing”. Now reboot the system.
6. The new PC should now see the files of the old PC by selecting Network from My Computer. It should list the old PC’s network share along with its files.
7. To copy the files, drag the icons to where you want them copied to.

This is how you transfer data from one PC to the next. If you are a new user, I suggest using the Windows Easy Transfer method since it’s beginner friendly. If you’re a Tech-savvy user, the LAN method allows more flexibility in where to put the copied files.

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