Top 5 SMS Reader Apps For Android | Message Readers

Date added: February 18, 2015

Free Download top 5 SMS Reader Apps for Android Mobiles, Tablets etc., which reads out incoming message and name of the sender out louder when driving or busy.

Best Hands-Free SMS Reader Apps for Android

App NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
SMS Reader App93 KBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
My SMS Reader 2.8 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
Talking SMS and Caller ID184 KBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
SMS Listen App2.1 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
Call & SMS Reader413 KBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here

Top 5 SMS Reading Apps For Android | Text Readers

Let us now take a look at the top five SMS and message reading apps that are available on all Android-based smartphones.

SMS Reader App Download

The SMS Reader Android app from Adroit Developers allows incoming messages to be captured and read aloud automatically. It comes in very handy while you are driving or attending some special occasion.

Features of SMS Reader: Reads out all previous messages and caller names for incoming calls, text reader is enabled for five different languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French, and English, reading speed can be adjusted

My SMS Reader Download

Just like the Adroit SMS Reading app, this free app from Zahui Softwares allows your messages to be read automatically as soon as you receive them. It also reads out all messages that have been sent and received.

Features of My SMS Reader: Groups messages into conversations which creates an experience akin to a real-life conversation,  it allows the appropriate gender of the reading voice to be selected,  set whether a new message is read automatically or manually upon being received.

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Talking SMS and Caller ID Free Download

Talking sms and caller id app is particularly handy for those who wish to read an SMS while driving. Available free of cost, this hands-free message reader application is completely configurable as per the user requirements.

Features of this talking sms: A hands-free, free-of-cost, fully configurable message reading app, reads out SMS or caller credentials as soon as the same is received, if caller is not a part of the user contact list, it is either displayed as “Unknown” or the number is read out.

SMS Listen App Free Download

SMS Listen App

The SMS Listen app from Zhang Bo is a convenient text reading app for all situations where you need to be in a hands-free state. It lists the name of the caller or message sender. This app is available for free.

Features of SMS Listen: Supports seven default languages including Chinese and American English, bluetooth operated message reading controls, time ranges can be set for reading and no reading.

Call & SMS Reader Free Download

Summus Development brings to you the highly convenient Call & SMS Reader Free Android application which reads out incoming messages and caller names in eleven different languages. This app is a significant contributor to improved road safety.

Features of call & sms reader: Supports voice settings for eleven different languages, switch off “read aloud” mode by simply turning the phone around, allows customized settings for the reading rate

Final Line: While there are a number of apps that can send messages through user voice commands, there are few Android apps that read out incoming messages. With these free SMS Reader apps, you can now drive and text to remain safe.

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