Top 5 Call Recorder Apps For Android Download For Free

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Top 5 Call Recorder Apps for Android: Download free apps for best call record software in your Android, Smart Phones.

In this day and age where face-to-face communication has been replaced by technology, there are more modern ways of creating memories. One such is the ability to record calls in android mobile phones today. So, here are the top five automatic call recorder apps for android.

Record Calls Automatically With Top Call Recorder Apps For Android

App Name FilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Automatic Call RecorderVaries with DeviceFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
Galaxy Call Recorder7.6 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
Call Recorder ACR 5.9 MBFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here
HD Call Recorder 3.0 MBFreeLife TimeAndroid
Download Here
Smart Auto Call Recorder3.8 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here

Top 5 Call Recorder Apps For Android Download For Free

Automatic Call Recorder Download

Automatic voice call recorder for android is one of the best call recording app in android which functions on most android devices above OS versions 2.3. this is best top 5 call recrod apps download for Android. Though essentially free, a paid version is also available to enable upgraded features such as manual selection of contacts and direct online storage.
Key features: Ability to set desired area of storage (Internal or SD), save recordings to Dropbox, call summary visibility and manual de-selection of contacts

Galaxy Call Recorder Download

If you own a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, then this app is perfect for you. Its benefit of recording two-way conversations optimizes functionality and clarity. However, even non-galaxy users can use the app with the microphone recording facility.
Key features: Splitting of call recordings, usage of Android Standard API, disabling recording option when using Bluetooth and prioritizing recordings based on importance.

HD Call Recorder ACR Download

With many unique characteristics that are compatible on most android devices, this hp Call recorder for Android app also has multiple audio formatting options and options for network connectivity. It is downloadable on Android versions 2.3 and upwards.
Key features: Option to record both manually and automatic call recording, protection with passwords and auto-deletion of recordings which is a feature that can also be disabled.

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HD Call Recorder Free Download

call recorder for android free download

Call recorder for android free download is handy for storing multiple call recordings with high clarity and also provides the option of adding notes to saved files. It requires an operating system above version 3.0 for proper synchronisation of sound files.
Key features: Choice for recordings, manual de-selection of contacts, integration with google drive, creation of notes and options for storage (Internal or SD).

Smart Auto Call Recorder Download

While this phone call recording app is available on most android devices with OS above version 2.2, it is not compatible with the Google Nexus phones. The paid version of this app comes with ad free usage and dropbox storage facility.
Key features: Ability to save recordings to both internal and SD memory slots, set lock patterns, transfer of files to dropbox and different formats for audio recording.

The benefit of technological upgradations have provided us with numerous possibilities. In a nutshell, all these Call Recorder apps have their own advantages and provide limitless tracking facilities.

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