Top 5 Best Project Management Softwares Free Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: September 4, 2015

Want to create an integrated project with your colleagues for personal or business purposes? Try these top 5 free best Project Management Software available free Download for Windows 8.1, 7, 10, Linux and Mac operating systems to make projects in an efficient, time-saving and resourceful manner.

Top 5 Free Best Project Management Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1 In Today’s World

Software Name Size Price validityOperating SystemDownload Link
Gantt Project 13.0MBFreeLife Time Mac, Windows 7Download Here
Dot Project 4.9MBFreeLife Time Windows 7Download Here
Express Project 289KBFreeLife Time Windows 7Download Here
KS Project Planner 1.268KBFreeLife Time Windows 7Download Here
Project Manager .NET
5.66MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here

Top 5 Free Best Project Management Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1


Gantt Project Download

This is the best project management software available online. It is a free, Java based software, with GNU General Public License 3, that is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Linux and Mac, and can be carried out through local network or cloud storage. Small Business holder can create milestones, both individual and summary tasks showing hierarchy, baselines, dependency constraints and can keep an eye on the task assignments by different human resources. He can also import and export projects from his workstation and extract data in the form of PDF or PNG/JPEG images. PERT and Grantt charts can be generated and analyzing is done with the help of CSV. Granttproject can be downloaded from its website in the preferable format of the user.

Dot Project Download

It is a general-purpose programming language or PHP website-based free project management software. It is ideal in the case of small teams working for any task or project. It incorporates Grantt chart and different modules for calendar, forums, files, projects and tasks. It has a competent time tracking software and multi-lingual support function, and has an overall very good framework. An open community of voluntary programmers maintains this software and assures users of its great usefulness for your small and large businesses.

 Express Project Download

This software is preferable when there is a requirement for simplification of project planning and task assignments, which is accomplished by automatic task scheduling and leveling resources. Grantt chart, project baseline, task dependencies and constraints, and float and slack time visuals to schedule tasks are some important features of Express Project. It works under only Windows 8.1, 7 and Mac OS. The download file is available at NCH Software website.

KS Project Planner Download

Built with the help of KS-Grant Control, it is a fast working project management software. The project and resource plannings are done with interactive grantt charts. It has recently been optimized and improved for new DotNet Technology, and can be managed by multiple users. The system requirements are Windows 7, 8.1 OS and DotNet Framework 4.0, with MS-SQL Server 2005 version being optional. The software runs in 25 different languages which are all available in the menu Extras of the software website, so it is very convenient for multinational users.

Project Manager .NET Professional Download

It is the top best software project management  for beginners. Organization of unlimited tasks, milestones, projects and resources are very easy. It has the features of Time Tracking and Estimation, project planning, project tracking etc. One can keep track of the whole project via Overview and Summary Page, and can customize the software according to his preferences. Categorization is readily done with Tagging. Project Manager can import and export files using primarily .NET, besides Text file, HTML, RSS, XML and CSV. This variety of project components are available in the software and can be downloaded only on Microsoft Windows.

These are the top 5 free best Project Management Software Download for your convenience. Choose any one among the 5 for creating the best projects among all.

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