Top 5 MySQL Softwares Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: September 8, 2015

MySQL Backup and Restore is a good software for database management for windows 7, 8.1, windows 10 which Provides More Security. MySQL refers to an open relational database management system based on the structure query language (SQL) used for removing, modifying or adding information in the database. It can be used in various applications, but it is mostly used in Web Servers. This article focuses on the top best MySQL software that are highly recommended for download.

 Top 5 MySQL Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Software Name SizePricevalidity Operating System Download Link
MySQL Connector 7.8MBFree Life Time Windows 7Download Here
MySQL Workbench 25.8 MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
MySQL Generator 14.4MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
MySQL Utilities 4.8MBFreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here
MySQL Fabric 4.5MB FreeLife Time Windows 7, 8Download Here




MySQL Connector Download

This is one of the top MySQL software that offers best standard database driver connectivity for using MySQL with other tools and applications that are compatible with the standards of the JDBC and ODBC. Any system that works with ODBC Or JDBC can use MySQL software download. It supports the visual studio 2012, everything from the server explorer to the stored routine debugger.


Any system that works with ODBC Or JDBC can use MySQL.  They feature routine debugging. MySQL Connector supports entity Framework 4.3 code·  The connector has plug-gable authentication and third parties can plug new authentication mechanisms into the driver.  The Connector/ ODBC as a standardized database driver operates excellently in Windows , Unix, Linux and Mac OS X platforms·  The Connector/Net as a standardized database driver enables ease of its use in .net platforms and development.  Connector/J as a standardized driver operates on Java platforms and development

MySQL Workbench Download

This top MySQL software download provides the DBA and developers with the best integrated tools environment for database administration, migration, modeling, design and SQL development.It is offered in three different editions. MySQL Workbench Community, Standard and Enterprise editions. The community edition is available for free download.


They enable Visual SQL development·  All the three editions can be used in visual database administration.  Performance tuning and session management by the user is easier using this software.  It has a database migration wizard – You can migrate from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL lite, PostgreSQL SQL.  You can customize python plugins, easily import models from D&B Designer and easily export Model Diagrams.  GUI for MySQL enterprise backup is possible using this software.

MySQL Generator Download

This top MySQL software download windows available in two versions. The free version and the professional version. It comes with actual data and provides live examples of some common user questions. The professional version has advanced features compared to the freeware version.


It allows the user for a direct database connection, SSH and HTTP tunneling .  It supports tables and view data sources, read only SQL queries and updatable SQL series.  Add, edit, delete and copy records.  Enables inline editing. You can delete multiple records. It supports custom display formats.

 MySQL Utilities Download

MySQL utilities are the best in the provision of a collection of command line utilities that are used for maintaining and administering MySQL servers. MySQL utilities are available for Linus, Windows and OS X. A free copy is available for individuals who have not yet installed MySQL Utilities software download.


It enables setup , configuration and verification ( Replication utilities).  It can clone, copy, export, import, user management.  It supports general utilities and enables users to manage meta, disk usage, Redundant indexes & audit data.

 MySQL Fabric Download

This top software is an open source solution that provides the framework for managing farms of MySQL servers. It organizes the servers in groups and deploys high availability solutions within each group. MySQL Fabric is safe and compatible for applications.


High availability. It supports a built on MySQL replication, server monitoring, automated fail over, transparent fail over, semi-synchronous replication and geographic redundancy.  It enables scaling out of both reads and writes by partitioning rows from selected tables into a number of shards.In conclusion, whether you are a web developer or a dedicated network administrator with an interest in building database applications, the above listed MySQL software download are easy to use powerful scalable and secure. Because of their small size and speed, they are the ideal database solution for websites and are highly recommended for download. They will truly change your experience and ease your work.

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