Top 5 Best Educational Apps For Android Free Download

Date added: February 2, 2015

Top 5 Best Educational App for Android: here we offer best instructive Educational Apps in many top Apps for android, windows. it is very useful for students, teachers to clarify quires/knowing new topic.

Develop Your Abilities With Top Free Educational App For Android

Software SizePrice ValidityOpearating SystemDownload Link
Daily Current Affairs & GKVaries with deviceFreeAndroidDownload Now
Coursera17MBFree AndroidDownload Now
TED8MBFree AndroidDownload Now
Learn English, Speak English44 MBFree AndroidDownload Now
Aptitude & Logical Reasoning3.7MBFree AndroidDownload Now
educational app

Educational Apps

Android is contributing immensely in the free  educational apps market through developing free apps for android for learning in the educational sector. As a reader, the top 5 “learn free’ apps can be the best for tutorials as they would equip you with skills at your comfort place.

Daily Current Affairs and GK App Download

The Daily Current affairs and GK app is an educational app for android that deals with current affairs and business questions through creating a sample quiz covering economic state news, sports, politics.This tend to prepare those ready to sit for competitive exams.Some features of this app are; has a model paper question-answer for SCC CGL, you can invite people answer the quiz challenge,shows top scorer of the day and enables daily monitoring of your current affairs progress.

Coursera Educational App Download

Coursera is one of the best educational app for android that is free and it enhances the learning of the app user. Through this app, learners can undertake free online courses offered by top universities(about 115 and over) and other education institutions worldwide.The courses vary depending on the field of study.Key features include; a catalog for user log in to join,users can watch lectures from best instructors and this is anywhere at anytime.

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TED Educational App Download

Ted free online Educational app is one of the best for learning apps(educational apps). With its presentation of world’s re-known speakers and educators ranging from tech geniuses, business gurus, music icons,and education radicals,it’s really motivating.Its features include signing up,language translation,video playback, it is also informative and thought-provoking having about 1700 videos and audios.

Learn English, Speak English App Download

Free Educational Apps For Android

Learn English, Speak English app is a free app for learning with English video tutorials ,through speaking with a video character that enables you to understand and speak English easily.Its features are automatic speech recognition,rich multimedia, topic based dialog among others.

Aptitude and Logical Reasoning App Download

Aptitude and logical Reasoning free educational app contains local aptitude questions that are frequently asked interview, paper exams, bank exams and any other exam. Its features include scratch pads, bookmarks, detailed solutions, practice papers and user-friendly interface.

These free educational app have made learning efficient and effective for users and thus as a reader.

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