Top 5 Bulk image resizer software’s free download

Date added: March 23, 2016

Are you looking for an accurate Bulk image resizer..???  Download the best top 5 bulk image resizers where you can select n number of images to be resized and resize all of them at the same time without failure.

Top 5 Bulk image resizer softwares free download for windows 7,8,10:

Bulk image resizer

Software NameFile SizePriceOperating SystemDownload Link
ImRe Bulk Image Resizer2.4 MBfreewindows 7.8.10Download Now
FastStone Photo Resizer 1.65 Mbfreewindows 7.8.10Download Now
Free Picture Resizer3072 KBfreewindows 7.8.10
Download Now
Bulk Image Resize Manager1.02MBfreewindows 7.8.10Download Now
Prish Image Resizer 2 MBfreewindows 7.8.10Download Now

Things to be considered while downloading Bulk image resizer:

  • We need to verify whether the image resizer software is free downloadable or not.
  • Converts Images into our required size without any errors and issues during conversion.
  • Since we are looking for bulk image resizers, need to check whether supports multiple image resizing.
  • Supports all the image formats and even performs conversion of the image from one format to another format.
  • Consider the time and speed taken for resizing a particular group/folder of images.
  • Easy to use and understandable to those who uses the softwares.
  • Perform different operations such as creating effects to images, rotating images, adding watermark for images etc.
  • Whether supported on all operating systems or not such as Windows, Linux, MAC etc…

Key Features of free download Bulk image resizer:

ImRe Bulk Image Resizer is a free downloadable bulk image resizer. Supports jpg, bmp, gif, wmf, png etc formats. Here we just need to provide the source as well as destination folders address path and size to be converted. The images will be automatically resized and get stored directly in the output folder with the mentioned parameters.

FastStone Photo Resizer is a freeware. Here using this software in addition to resizing an image there are many more extra added advanced options such as adding text to images, Filling with selected colour, Crop the image, Resize, Add watermark etc. Here we no need to select the images and image folders manually, but can perform drag and drop operations directly.

Free Picture Resizer is a downloadable free software. We actually resize images for emailing, sending as messages, for social networking etc. The thing is just select a particular image to be resized, Select size to which the image is to be resized and click on Resize button present in the software window. Resizes BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF and PNG files.

Bulk Image Resize Manager is a free downloadable software. Here we can resize a group of images or a folder directly. Main thing we need to do here is select the input path and output folder path as well as the size to which the images need to be resized and Click on “Change Image Size” button on the pop-up window. Selected images gets resized and finally saves the files to the mentioned output folder path.

Prish Image Resizer is a freeware. Used for bulk image resizing. Here we need to select the source and destination folder paths at first and select the size to which the images are to be resized and click on “Process” button to start resizing. The output image files will be saved directly in the mentioned destination path.Bulk image resizer

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