Top 5 Best FTP Server and Client Softwares for windows 8 and 10 free download

Date added: October 8, 2014

We are offering top 5 free download latest updated FTP Server and Client softwares for Windows 7,8,10 that allows webmasters to transfer computer files from one host to another online.

FTP Software-How it is Useful?

At first, manipulating FTP was a relatively difficult task given that client applications were command-line based to eventually evolve into user-friendly applications with graphical user interface. Since then, various FTP clients have developed with particular differences and advantages that one have over the other.

Top 5 FTP softwares for Windows 8 and 10

Software NameSizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload link
WinSCP5.6 MBFreeLifetimeWindows7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10.
Download Here
Transmit35.8 MBFreeLifetimeWindows7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10.
Download Here
CareWare FireFTP----FreeLifetimeWindows7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10.
Download Here
FileZilla884 KBFreeLifetimeWindows7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10.
Download Here



Your long awaited first position is not vacant anymore ! it’s WinSCP that steals the show. WinSCP stands for Windows, Secure Copy. It is a free, open source SFTP, FTP and SCP client application for Windows. WinSCP relies on an extremely secure method of file transfer as well as a basic user-friendly interface and file synchronization feature. Similar to Cyberduck security, WinSCP depends on Secure Shell merged with SCP protocol. WinSCP’s small size is only the great feature this amazing program delivers. It can also be employed as a remote editor. It also features batch file scripting and command-line interface possibility. It is possible to store session information in WinSCP.

Transmit FTP CLient SOftware

Transmit is an FTP client innovated by American company Panic. The application was named first “Transit”, only to be changed eventually by the creators. Transmit features Amazon S3 support and upload via a Dashboard widget. The most recent version Transmit 4 uses the brand new Turbo engine that increments the speed of transfers leading the program to positive remarks from web magazines and critics.

CareWare FireFTP

Careware FireFTP is an open source best FTP client in form of add-on to Mozilla Firefox. It is possible to transfer immense files using Firefox plug-in exceeding 2GB mark. FireFTP provides a support to directory listing caching. Moreover, this program allows to connect to proxy servers and reconnect automatically at disconnection. Its efficiency has been praised by several critics.


Next is the very popular FileZilla, a free all-in-one File Transfer Protocol server software that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It consists of its own FileZilla client and server. It is an open source. FileZilla supports FTP, SFTP and other encrypted FTP variations. It is available in 47 languages. It features unique synchronized directory browsing and remote file search in order to look for a file on a server using FTP storage. FileZilla is not difficult to set up as it has a basic step-by-step installation wizard. Not-so-different than Cyberduck, it features a straightforward drag and drop option as well. However, this application seeded multiple controversies such as bundled adware in the setup. All in all, it’s worth giving a try.


Cyberduck is an open source file transfer protocol client program that runs on all Windows including Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X machines and was released in 2001. Cyberduck possess a special feature of file transfer via drag and drop as well as being able to set a limit of concurrent file transfers additionally filtering these files. Furthermore, Cyberduck gives user the ability of organizing his bookmarks and straightforward browsing. Security-wise, this client application depends on advanced SSH features (Secure Shell, a secured network protocol), and is compatible with almost all encryption ciphers and authentication algorithms such as MD5 and SHA1. Needless to say, Cyberduck has a General Public License (GPL) affiliated with its name.

There are many more FTP clients available but I am confident that at least one of the above listed great FTP clients should fit your needs perfectly.

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