Top 5 Best Free Microsoft Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: August 27, 2015

Today I will talk about the most common,but in the same time,top five of the best Microsoft Windows programs for Windows 7, 8.1.We have one of the fastest and most reliable browser on the internet.If you need a media player that can be used also to watch movies,download it from our page.Do you need to create diagrams?Or you need a unique program that simplifies your work?Download the softwares from our website. We have a new version of Office, Microsoft Office 2016, so take a look here to figure out what program you want.

Download Top 5 Best Microsoft softwares For Windows 7, 8.1

App NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Microsoft Internet Explorer 1155.4 MBFreeLift TimeWindows 7, 8.1Download Here
Microsoft Windows Media Player26.6 MBFreeLift TimeWindows 7, 8.1Download Here
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012922 KBFreeLift TimeWindows 7, 8.1Download Here
Microsoft Visio 2010 16.7 MBFreeLift TimeWindows 7, 8.1Download Here
Microsoft Office 20162.7 MBFreeLift TimeWindows 7, 8.1Download Here

Top 5 Best Free Microsoft software download For Windows 7,8.1


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is old but gold.One of the first browsers ever on the internet realized a new fully updated version in order to make the customers feel the fastest and the most secure browser on the internet.The new security updates will last at least till 2023 when the life cycle of Windows 8 will end.The new version includes redesigned developer tools,support for WebGL which makes it the best browser currently on the market.Let the rest,download the best one.

Microsoft Windows Media Player Download

Free Microsoft window  media player Download Do you want to watch HD movies and high quality ones? Do you want the sound to be loud and in sync with the video? No matter what Windows you use,Microsoft Windows Media Player is the solution because it operates from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.Windows Media Player is also a media player,but not just a usual one,it has the ability to rip music from and copy music to compact discs,burn discs in Audio CD format and many other features.Go for the download and you won’t regret.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 Download

Download Microsoft visual studio express In case you need a program that builds powerful desktop apps in the most common apps such as C#,C++ or Visual Basic,Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 is what you want.The program is compatible with the Windows versions starting with Windows 7.Microsoft Windows Studio Express 2012 will make you achieve high results using it,so if this is the thing you need find it and download it.

Microsoft Visio 2010 Download

Microsoft Visio 2010 helps you create unique,professional diagrams.The version comes with updates shapes,new tools and data-linked diagrams.The application allows users to view drawings and diagrams created with Windows Internet Exlporer from 5 to 8.The version comes with new fully updated features compared to Microsoft Visio 2003.The program is compatible starting with Windows 7.If you want to taste an awesome experience,just download the application.

Microsoft Office 2016 Download

Top Microsoft Office is a necessity to most of the people that use a computer.It includes worldwide known applications such as Microsoft Word,Excel,Powerpoint,Acces and many more.Best Microsoft Office 2016 helps you achieve what you want in an new,updated way.Find the right program for you and use it in which way you want.Download Microsoft Office 2016 and I guarantee you that you will like it more than the last versions.

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