Top 5 Best Free Color Picker Softwares Download For windows 7, 8.1

Date added: August 27, 2015

Whether you are seasoned professional such as a web or graphics designer, or just seeking to complete just one digital artistic work, it is in your best interests to employ the use of a good color picker software. The right color determines the overall desirability of a work of art, no matter the shapes and overall design. Luckily for you, there are several color pickers out there that you can use to guarantee productive work. Among them, the following are our top 5 picks for color picker software that you can download from the below links.

Make Your Website Beautiful With Top 5 Best Color Pickers Software Download For Windows 7, 8.1

App NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Just color picker Download654 KBFreeLift Timewindows 7,
windows 8.1
Download Here
Absolute Color Picker Download1.3 MBFreeLift Timewindows 7,
windows 8.1
Download Here
ColorSchemer ColorPix Download2.4 MBFreeLift Timewindows 7,
windows 8.1
Download Here
PicPick Download12.5 MBFreeLift Timewindows 7,
windows 8.1
Download Here
Vb color picker Download3.5 MBFreeLift Timewindows 7,
windows 8.1
Download Here

Top 5 Best Free Color Pickers Software Download  for windows 7,8.1

Just color picker Download

color picker on our top list is the Just Color Picker, software aimed at the Windows and Mac platforms. It is created by a single person and is consequently small-so much so that it does not require an installation. This makes it very suitable for use on many different machines as it is storage-inexpensive. Among its features is that it enables you to adjust the color list simply by dragging and dropping. It can display the codes for selected pixels in all the following formats: RGB, CMYK, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HTML, and Delphi. You can also pick individual colors by providing their code input, for example, the RGB code.

Absolute Color Picker Download

Aboslute color picker allows you to convert any a wide range of colors into hexadecimal representation for the HTML format. The software allows you to create your own color scheme using sliding scales, determining characteristics such as hue and saturation among others. Absolute Color Picker comes with an Eye Dropper feature, which allows you to magnify certain sections to see their color. Unlike other similar features on other software, this one allows you to move the cursor and analyze different sections at a time. But the most unique factor about this color picker is that it allows you to keep track of changes made with an internal history log. You can also compare the current color with the one that was there immediately before it. The creators have also made the software easily integrated with other packages used for graphics design.

ColorSchemer ColorPix Download

ColorSchemer ColorPix On top of what should now be expected features of color pickers based on the already mentioned ones, this particular one allows comes with a unique one-it comes with a small window that appears upon the selection of an image section. This miniature window contains all the details of a particular pixel, allowing you to edit it individually. This can be achieved all the way to a magnification of 1600%

PicPick Download

For the user who seeks to carry out more design work, the PicPick color picker software is probably the best fit. It comes with a pixel ruler and a protractor for more precise designing. The whiteboard also proves very useful since it allows for the designer to goof around until he gets best the design. You can take a screenshot of your screen, and make changes to it with enhancing features almost as powerful as those of a full scale image editor.

Vb color picker Download

VB color picker is a simple software that contains all the features of all the others mentioned, but importantly prints text in different colors. This is especially important for the designer seeking to make largely textual designs, as he can easily switch between different looks to attain the most suitable one. Its major shortcoming is that it is not cross-platform, and targets only windows users.A good color picker software often is what makes or breaks good graphic design. You should take care when choosing one and avoid having to integrate different designs from different software. Any pick from this list is bound to not be a letdown.

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