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Quick Steps To Connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC via Bluetooth


Here We Provide you some simple, quick steps to connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC Via Bluetooth for transferring files and for internet browsing between PC and Phones. In many cases, we don’t have a phone-to-PC or PC-to-phone cable available, that’s why it’s very convenient to be able to send a file wirelessly, internet access, using camera, make calls ...

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Simple Ways To Dual Boot windows 7, 8.1 Also Windows 10

Tutorial | Dual Boot windows 7 and 8 Also Windows 10

I will illustrate to Dual-Boot Windows 10 in Windows 7 or 8 which has been thought by users as a hard task to accomplish. Dual boot Windows 7 and 8 Also Windows 10 Dual boot with Windows 10 First, free some space for windows 10 in your hard disk. -Press on the command prompt, type “diskmgmt. msc” then press enter. ...

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5 Simple Ways To Speed Up Computer On Windows 8.1, 7 |Increase PC Speed

speed up your computer

Most windows 8 users are proud to say that they have a faster version of windows. But the question is, do you know that you can improve the virtual PC speed and performance of your windows operating system to amazing speeds? The following helps you to speed up your computer, increase your gaming, processor, internet, ram, startup, download and booting windows XP 7, 8.1, 10 speed and ...

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Quick Steps To Enable And Disable Windows Firewall settings


Windows systems come with inbuilt firewalls to protect your PC from external Attacks from hackers and malware. You can also install third party firewall program hat can boost protection. There are times that you may need to disable the firewall Temporarily. Enable and disable firewall in windows Step-By-Step process to Disable Windows Firewall You can disable the firewall by following these steps; ...

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