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Locate Phone, Monitor Speed and Keep Children Safe Behind the Wheel!

parental tracking app

One of the biggest causes of teen deaths in US today is the car crashes. Teens are increasingly involved in reckless driving and we are losing a number of kids each year. This number is getting alarming and unfortunately, our kids could also be a part of it. Over-speeding, drunk driving and using cell phone during driving are the biggest ...

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Top 5 Softwares To Track Your Lost and Stolen Laptop with Mac, IP Address

Track Your lost and Stolen Laptop with Mac, IP Address

Laptops have become more popular than the conventional home computers these days because they are very portable. No matter where you go, you can always work and stay connected to the world using a laptop. Unfortunately, due to its portability, there are not few users that happen to accidentally lose their laptop. Fortunately, if this happens to you, you can ...

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