Use Tablet As A Second Monitor For Your Computer

Date added: April 27, 2015

Tablets are recently high on demand because of its feature of large screen with mobility. But do you know that the tablet can also become a second monitor for your computer?

Turn Your Tablet As a Second  Screen Monitor For Your Computer

How to use your tablet as a second monitor for your computer

Way To Use Tablet As as Second Monitor For Your Computer?

Way To use your tablet as a second monitor for your computer? you can take help of a number of applications like Air Display, iDisplay, MaxiVista, Splashtop XDisplay and others. Though some of these are for android and some for iPad, but the setup instructions are same.

Step To Turn Your Tablet  As a Second Monitor

 Step 1:

Connect your tablet pc and your computer to the same Wi-Fi network.  Now download any of the application such as iDisplay, XDisplay or any other from the above mentioned application list so that you can establish a connection between the tablet and the computer.

Step 2:

Now download desktop client on your computer. After installing desktop client, run it by setting up the permissions such as Firewall restrictions and others.

Step 3 :

Now open the downloaded application on your tablet computer and select the name of your computer. By doing so, you can see that the screen will flash and your tablet will get connected with your computer.  Now you can start using your tablet as your second monitor for your computer.

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The concept of dual monitor is increasing. So, you can easily use your best tablet computers as your second monitor by using the mentioned applications and set up guide.

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