10 Stupid Things People Do Online [InfoGraphic]

Date added: August 18, 2014

Whenever people who are web addicted gets free time, they always love to surf the web for different kind of stuff. Some of them search on the internet about their favorite books or favorite TV show etc while others trying to become active on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter etc. Some people try to communicate with their friends or family members in free time while other try to play games online. Apart from this there are several advantage of using internet like students can research about their favorite topics and collect information about it, in short words we can say the internet is self guidance learning source for people. There are countless advantage of using internet , but sometimes people who are using internet do stupid things online which can lead them to loose their reputation or hard work etc. I have found this source on ListDose and thought about sharing an infographic about 10 stupid things people do online.

10 Stupid Things People Do Online

Below are the ten stupid things people do online, have a look at all of them below: 1. Clicking on Virus Links 2. Sending Invites to Entire Friend List 3. Uploading Every Photo 4. Email Address Everywhere 5. Telling Everything 6. Downloading Free Software 7. Hate and Disrespectful Posts 8. Accepting Every Friend Requests 9. Bitching About Work 10. Believing Everything So remember to avoid these things that people do online, always keep a happy attitude and you’ll live a happy life. 10 Stupid Things People Do Online – An infographic by the team at OMGTOP5

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