5 Social Bookmarking Widgets for Blogs and Websites

Date added: July 7, 2014
Social bookmarking plays vital role in reputation of some particular blog or website. In other words we can say that social bookmarking is considered as backbone of a website or blog popularity.The best thing is that this social bookmarking not only helps you in driving more traffic to your blog or website but also helps to engage with your blog readers through various social platforms.
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Social Bookmarking Widgets

Best Social Bookmarking Widgets for Blogs and Websites

Mainly there are two most popular blogging platforms used by most of the bloggers which are WordPress and Blogger respectively. WordPress also has built-in feature of social bookmarking plugins while on the other hand Blogger platform platforms doesn’t offer such features but user manually need to set social bookmarking widgets. You can easily find out various websites online on the Internet which offers social bookmarking widgets for both WordPress and Blogger platform.
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Importance of Social Bookmarking

As I already mentioned in the article above that social bookmarking is considered as the backbone of blog popularity. So you must need to focus on this important factor if you want to make your blog successful. Before getting started to our main guide, I would like to share the benefits of social bookmarking.
  1. Social bookmarking helps in fast indexing of your content in all the top search engines. Not only your blog indexing will be fast but also you will get natural backlinks to your blog which helps in better search engine ranking of your website or blog.
  2. Social networking websites helps you in getting more targeted traffic to your blog from specific countries. It also helps in improving your personal branding and marketing.
Let’s get started to our main guide which allows you to easily add social bookmarking plugins/widgets in your blogger or WordPress blogs. Have a look at the list of all of these social bookmarking widgets below:

1. Add to Any Social Bookmarking widget

Add to any is all in one social bookmarking plugin which lets users to share the content over various social media websites. The best part is that this widget performs better and also has less size as compared to others.

2. Share this Social bookmarking and sharing widget

Share this is another popular service on the Internet which offers free social bookmarking buttons for websites or blogs for sharing content. There are various types of these widgets which users can try out and  best part is that this widget is supported by every blogging platform including Blogger, WordPress, Joomla etc.

3. AddThis Sharing widget

Another one of the most popular social bookmarking  widget which is used by million of different websites or blogs across the world on the Internet. It offers easy and effective way to share the content of blog or website. It is highly recommend to try out this plugin on your WordPress or Blogger blogs.

4. Tell a Friend Social Bookmarking widget

Tell a Friend offers various social bookmarking addons which includes emails, IM, social sharing etc.You can share or bookmark the content to various bookmarking websites at the same time easily. You must need to create an account on official website if you are planning to start using this website.

5. Moo Socialize Social Bookmarking widget

Moo Socialize offers twenty eight different social bookmarking websites to share your website content easily. The best feature of this widget is that it allows your blog readers or visitors to easily bookmark your content without leaving your website.
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I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide on top 5 social bookmarking widgets for blogs and websites. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in comments section.

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