5 Free SEO Tools to Analyze a Website

Date added: July 8, 2014
SEO is one of the important factor that plays vital role in ranking of a blog or website. Doing manual SEO takes a little bit of time but it will let you different useful stuff during such process. Sometimes using tools for SEO purpose helps you to do your work in given time easily. The first phase of doing manual SEO is analyzing some particular website or blog.
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5 Free SEO Tools to Analyze a Website

Free SEO Analysis Tool Online

Once you are complete done with your work and get analyzing reports, then you will need to optimize your website according to search engine needs in order to get better rank in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can easily find out various tools online that are useful for SEO but in this article we are only be going to discuss those tools which will be helpful for the analysis of any website.

What does Analyze Website means?

Before we are getting started to our main guide, first we should need to know what does actually website analysis means? Discovering and exploring your own website or blog and how it appears to search engines is called as website analysis. It is one of the important factor of SEO which plays vital role in ranking of specific blog or website.
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5 Free SEO Tools to Analyze a Website

Have a look at the list of 5 free SEO tools that helps to analyze your website easily:

1. Analyzing Website Meta Tags

Meta tags are really important thing which search engines always look for while crawling a particular website or blog. You meta tags should be unique and correct as compared to other blogs. Here are some useful website meta tags tool:

2. SEOquake Toolbar

It is free toolbar for both Mozilla Firefox and  Google Chrome which let users to get ranking data of a website. Once you have installed this toolbar in your desired Internet browser, after that whenever you search for anything on Google you will get the following analysis data of websites displaying on search engine pages:
  • Keyword Density
  • Diagnosis Report
  • Number of external and internal links on page
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Page Rank
  • Domain Age Info

3. No-follow extension for Google Chrome

If you want to build up some dofollow backlinks for your blog or website, then this chrome extension might be helpful for you. Through striking the text, it will let the users know which links are given nofollow attribute on page you are visiting. Get this extension through this link.
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4. Web Developer Chrome Extension

It is important thing to know how your website looks to other people on the Internet when they visit your website or blog. You can take advantage of web developer extension available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

5. ScreamFrog Analyzer Tool

ScreamFrong is open source software which is available for PC users to analyze their websites or blogs. Through free version of this tool, you will be able to get report 500 pages of your website only. You can download it through this link.
I hope these tools will be helpful for you in analyzing your blog or websites for better ranking in search engines to get more traffic.

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