6 Easy Steps To Send Files In Any Type On Whatsapp Larger Than 16MB Size

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Facing problems while send files of large size i.e., more than 16MB on whatsapp, Here we are with some simple steps to send files without facing problems.

WhatsApp today has become one of the prime source for communication between smart phone users, as the service is free and much better than traditional SMS. We use smartphone for taking pictures or recording videos or audios.

Often we like to send files with our friends or family, but files may be large, above 16 MB, which cannot be sent through WhatsApp, there is no way you could send files above 16 MB but you could reduce the file size of your media. Best way is to use video converter on your android.

Quick Steps To Send Files of large size On Whatsapp In Android

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WhatsApp36.1 MBFree1 YearAndroidDownload Here

Send Files In Any Type On Whatsapp Larger Than 16MB Size

Overcome The Problem Of Send Files More Than 16 MB On Whatsapp

Simple Steps to be followed to Send Files of large Size

  • Download Video Converter on Android device and send files. It is one of the popular software that satisfies all specifications.
  • Application is available for free Download. If you share large files occasionally or frequently. Depending on the given specification, it compresses the file.
  • Once the software is installed, it automatically looks for the video file or you could import the send files from SD.
  • To convert the video select the video from the list and select Convert button.
  • Now select the profile manual and specify the desired output form. It takes few minutes to complete the process.

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  • The converted file is saved on your phone. Now you can send files from WhatsApp by simply using attach feature. By reducing the size, you may have to compromise on the quality of the media. However you can send files link using cloud like Dropbox.

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