7 Simple Ways To Save Battery Life on Android Smartphones | Battery Saving Tips

Date added: October 16, 2014

Battery power is an important aspect that every android mobile phone user must take note of. Long lasting battery implies higher efficiency and convenience in their usage. One must therefore engage power saver measures to ensure proper power usage. These battery saving ways solves battery problems, extending battery life, protect your battery with healthy charging. The below best tips can be used for all Android Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablets, Galaxy phones and windows mobile phone to save battery.

Save Battery In Android Device With Few Do’s and Dont’s

Save Battery Life on Android Smartphones | Battery Saving Tips

Battery Use Menu

By following the steps from the phone menu, you can know to save battery on android-

settings-about-battery use, the device is able to tell what application is using what power ratio. The display often uses much.

Turn off  Connections

Reduce power usage from connections. First, you can specify for 2G data usage whenever you do not need high speed data. Second, you can turn off the wireless feature, if not required. Third, you should turn off Bluetooth whenever you don’t need it. Fourth, turn off the GPS.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Reduce display power. This can be done by one, reducing the brightness of the screen, a feature that consumes much of your device’s power. Secondly, in case the device has the AMOLED display, always set the background to black. Third, always set the screen timeout to minimum possible length.

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Stop Applications

Change other features. You can turn off the vibration function, install applications responsible for power management, especially in android 2.3, stop applications when not needed, ensure the phone is in standby mode when not in use or even on airplane mode while on flight.

Make Full Charging

Use Battery up to you charge it. Unplug your Charger when it is fully charged and battery gives best performance and will last longer. Make sure to charge completely before you leave the house.

Airplane Mode

You can also put your phone on airplane mode while travelling by air. This will help save your battery power by large percentage.

Use Power Control Widget

You should use the power control widget- placed on the home screen to provide fast control to applications like Bluetooth and GPS as well as screen brightness.

As a conclusion, I would advise you not to hesitate with security issues with your device.

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