Simple Procedure to Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive | Get Your Data Back

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Many of people regret deleting file. By mistake, you may have deleted all of your important documents but you could easily recover deleted  files using simple recovery software. You could recover files from both USB and hard disk.

Simple Steps To Recover Deleted Files From Windows 7

Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive | Get Your Data Back

Steps: Recover Deleted Files In Windows 7, 8.1 With Recuva

Step 1:  First thing you must do is stop using drive as adding and deleting files could corrupt the data. So stop all the download process or upload process.

Step 2:  Download Recuva software HERE -Recover deleted files free. However, there few other software like Puran File Recovery, Restoration, and Glary Undelete. All these softwares bit panic and runs with all operating system.

Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive | Get Your Data Back

Step 3:  We go with Recuva a software to recover deleted files. However, make sure you download the software on other system or drive. You should not use the drive from which you are looking to recover the files. Best way would be to download standalone software as they do not need to be installed and can be carried on usb drive or flash drive. However, no all software offers standalone versions.

Step 4:  Insert the pendrive with the software and run on the system that once had you lost documents. A wizard will pop up asking for the location where you want to search your lost documents.

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Step 5:  On next wizard, tell the software which type of file you want software to scan.

Step 6:  It will scan and display the last deleted files with recover deleted files status. Look for the file that you want to require. If you deleted files recently, there is high chance that you will require file.

Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive | Get Your Data Back

Step 7:  Once you have selected the file and some software will ask that if you want to restore file on its last location or on to new location.

This software will work only if your drive is functional and the file you deleted, lost, missing are in good condition to allow you recover deleted files in windows 7, 8.1.

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