3 Simple Ways To Extend Partition In Windows

Extend Partition In Windows | Resize Windows System Driver Partition

Sometimes extend partition can be hell if not done the correct way. I am going to explain the best way to doing that without having your computer erase all your data after system OS installation by disabled manually or using any disk resize partition software. First things first, 1GB = 1024MB. Do backup your data before extending the disk partition in disk ...

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Quick Steps To Connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC via Bluetooth


Here We Provide you some simple, quick steps to connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC Via Bluetooth for transferring files and for internet browsing between PC and Phones. In many cases, we don’t have a phone-to-PC or PC-to-phone cable available, that’s why it’s very convenient to be able to send a file wirelessly, internet access, using camera, make calls ...

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3 Simple Ways To Create, Convert Multiple Word Documents into PDF Files


Pdf files carry a big advantage against other types of file format types, mostly because of their read only attribute i.e without editable. The big question is how you can create and convert multiple MS word , jpg image, excel, epub, xls documents, web pages into pdf doc without incurring an extra dollar. There are various best ways am going to explain, so do ...

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Top 5 BBM Apps For Android Phone Free Download

BBM Apps For Android Phone For Free | BBM App Android

Humans are connected. We talk with each other every day, and it’s necessary for us in order to fit into the community. At the same time, we have very separated. Many of us have to travel around the world a lot, for example to get further education, or for meetings for work. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes a little bit hard to ...

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Simple Ways To Dual Boot windows 7, 8.1 Also Windows 10

Tutorial | Dual Boot windows 7 and 8 Also Windows 10

I will illustrate to Dual-Boot Windows 10 in Windows 7 or 8 which has been thought by users as a hard task to accomplish. Dual boot Windows 7 and 8 Also Windows 10 Dual boot with Windows 10 First, free some space for windows 10 in your hard disk. -Press on the command prompt, type “diskmgmt. msc” then press enter. ...

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