Seven Quick Steps To Install MAC OS on Intel PC | Mac on Windows

Date added: February 8, 2015

Apple’s latest operating systems; X 10.9 Mavericks can be installed in Intel-supported pcs. It uses the current UniBeast which adds support for mavericks. Unibeast is a program that transforms the OS X maverick’s installer and writes it onto a Usb drive. Individuals can then use the drive to run mavericks on their pcs. For those wishing to install mac OS on windows, they can follow this guide.

Easy Steps To Install Mac OS On Windows PC | Now It’s Possible

Install MAC OS on Intel PC | Mac on Windows

Install Mac On Windows With These Quick Steps

Step 1 

After downloading the mac OS mavericks make sure the downloaded files are in the application folder. You also need the latest version of unibeast and multibeast. Format your Usb flash using disk utility by creating a partition. Download Unibeast and Multibeast here.

Step 2 

Start unibeast and continue until destination select appears. Select the usb drive and click continue.

Step 3

On the installation type window, mac app Store Mavericks should be selected in packages. You also need to choose legacy USB support in case you have an old system. Once you are through, click continue and provide the admin password for the mac if prompted and allow unibeast to make a bootable mavericks on the flash drive for your pc. When complete, move multibeast file downloaded earlier to this bootable drive.

Step 4

Insert the bootable drive in your PC. Confirm the BIOS is set to boot the PC from usb drives. When you boot from the usb, chimera screen will appear, choose USB and enter to continue.

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Step 5

When you are into OS installer, you need to format the hard drive you wish to install the mac OS into. After formatting, select the drive you want to install the OS and click install to start the installation process.

install mac os in windows

Step 6

After completion, you need to make this hard drive bootable using multibeast utility. Multibeast can also install the necessary drivers such as WI-Fi and graphics.

Step 7

Reboot the system using the bootable flash drive. Start multiBeast from here select all the drivers you need. When done, click on build and install to finish the installation. You will have succesfully installed mac OS on your intel PC.

install mac OS on windows

It is clear installing a Mac OS on your intel PC is very easy since no experience is required in the installation. The guide is simple to follow and all installation tools.

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