5 Simple Ways To Speed Up Computer On Windows 8.1, 7 |Increase PC Speed

Date added: October 18, 2014

Most windows 8 users are proud to say that they have a faster version of windows. But the question is, do you know that you can improve the virtual PC speed and performance of your windows operating system to amazing speeds? The following helps you to speed up your computerincrease your gaming, processor, internet, ram, startup, download and booting windows XP 7, 8.1, 10 speed and performance.

Simple Ways To Increase PC Speed and performance with Tips and Tricks

Increase PC Speed and Performance on windows 8.1, 7, 10

Built in security tools

Most windows 8 pc users are ignorant of 2 security programs provided free by Microsoft. Windows defender and windows firewall can give your computer the security it deserves, even without installing and incurring more costs on third party antivirus software that will eventually slow down your computer. With Windows Defender, you can scan your computer for viruses and malware, and it is common knowledge that viruses slow down your system’s performance.
Windows Firewall on the other hand helps protect your computer from unauthorized access, particularly when using public networks and helps stop unauthorized programs from running on your computer.
To access Win defender /firewall
a) Go to Win 8 search
b) Type windows defender /windows firewall
c) Click to open it


Keeping your windows 8 Operating System and programs updated will speed up computer performance. Your browsers are essential programs. To keep them in their fast mode ensure you keep them updated also. To change the default win 8 updates to auto update go to
a) Go to win 8 search                                                                                                           b) Type windows update and click to open it
c) Choose the update option you want. Auto-update is recommended

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Task Manager

speed up your computer

This is a crucial tool. Most users experience computers that are said to “hang” and others become excessively slow. This tool is there to assist you. To access it,

a) Type CTRL-ALT-DEL and choose task manager. This is advisable when your computer or laptop  is not responding at all.
b) Right click on the taskbar and select task manager.
c) On Win search, type task manager and click to open
Once in task manager, you can easily disable programs that are slowing your computer or programs that are just running and you do not need them

Start-up applications

These are programs that are started every time your computer starts. It’s good practice to have fewer and fewer programs starting every time you boot your computer. To disable programs not crucial to your system boot-up, go to startup tool.
In your task manager, select start-up and the startup tool will open up. In windows 7, open run and type msconfig to view the windows 7 version. Be careful to disable only programs that are not necessary.

Recycle Bin

Always remember to empty the recycle bin. It is a good practice to help keep your computer performing optimally.

The above are the top and most applicable methods to fasten your windows computer performance. They are cool and easy to use even for new windows 8 users. It is cool seeing your computer operating optimally every time you use it.

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