Simple Way To Increase My Internet Speed For Free In Windows 8 ,10

Date added: October 9, 2014

Tips to increase internet speed on windows (10,8)

increase-my-internet-speed-for-free in-windows-(8 ,10)
A slow internet connection is regarded to be a common problem among people. A speed test conducted,will in no doubt identify this slow connection problem.

A P.C repair will need to be done to rectify this problem using the below methods they include:
Repairing a poisoned D.N.S cache. The cache may have obsolete records and need to be rectified. This may be when the D.N.S is poisoned in a process called spoofing.
The users may get error messages or have problems when they seek to open their webpage’s. The “regedit” button on a PC could be one of the best ways of solving the problem.
The D.N.S server needs to be flushed and after this the D.N.S server updates the internet protocol by incorporating the registry reviver and registry editor features.

Step-by-Step process of Deleting D.N.S cache to hold the good internet connections:

. This is done by logging into the computer and clicking on the desktop icon the person then uses the mouse to go to the bottom right of the screen from the options displayed,

. the person clicks the “search option” then click on the “apps” category then click on “C.M.D” in the app options.

. The person then right clicks the command prompt box from the advanced options displayed;

. the person clicks on “run as administrator”.

. A displayed user account box opens. The person then clicks on the “yes” option a command prompt window will appear.

. The person then types “IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS” command option and they then click the “enter” button.

. They then close the D.N.S cache after finishing.

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