3 Easy Steps To Use TV as Computer Monitors | TV As Monitor

Date added: January 24, 2015

Watching movies or surfing the Internet using a computer monitor can be frustrating to do on such a small display, not to mention the strain it can cause on your eyes. To avoid these issues you can connect your computer monitor directly to your television, this allows you to view the content on your computer on a larger display. The following steps will teach you to make your tv as as computer monitor.

Quick Steps To Use TV As Monitor For Laptop’s And Desktop

Use TV as Computer Monitors | TV As Monitor

Let’s Start Connecting TV As Monitor

Step 1

Determine whether your computer supports HDMI, DVI, or VGA connectivity. Once you have determined which output your computer supports and which input is supported by your television, the next step will be to purchase the corresponding cable.

Step 2

Read your computer and TV manuals regarding inter connectivity to ensure that each cable is plugged into the correct port. If your computer monitor and television adapter are not the same you may need to purchase a converter that supports the two different ports.

Step 3

The last step is to visit the display settings in the control panel on your computer to configure the television as a new display. Using tv as computer monitor will enable you to surf, watch movies without effecting to your eyes unlike small monitor.

If you followed the steps correctly then your display should now be operating. If this method does not work then refer to your computer and TV manufacturers’ online resources to help resolve any issues.

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