Simple Steps To Reset and Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Phones

Date added: December 18, 2014

Have you ever forgot password of android unlocking pattern that you attempt to unlock so many times that your phone gets locked? If yes, I know you understand how stressing this issue can be. Below, we will highlight two simple ways on how you can unlock your android phone.

Easy Steps To Reset & Unlock Pattern Lock In Few Steps

Reset and Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Phones

3 Simple Steps To Unlock Pattern Lock Without Loosing Data

  • To unlock pattern lock in android phone, initially after attempting different patterns, the phone will show you two buttons, next and try once more.
  • Choose the next button which will request you to answer your security question or log in to your account.
  • If you have set a security question, go right ahead and answer it; but if not, choose the log in option.
  • Fill in your account username and password and you will be led to get out a new pattern which you will be using to unlock your phone.

Easy Steps To Reset Android Phone

This method shows reset android phone to factory setting, it’s an appropriate method where one has forgot his/her password. How then do you unlock your phone during this circumstance?

Reset and Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Phones

  • Shut down your phone.
  • Access the volume up button, home key and power button and press them simultaneously.
  • When the phone reboots, release the power button and continue pressing the other two.
  • Your screen will show an android system recovery list.
  • Choose the factory reset option and press the power button.
  • Click the yes’ button if you are required to confirm the process.
  • After the reset, your screen will show you the recovery screen again.
  • Select reboot and the system will restart without requesting you for the pattern.

 Precaution: This process will reset all your settings and you may end up lossing your data.

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These are the easiest ways to unlock an android phone when you have forgotten your pattern. I hope the information assists you in restarting your phone.

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