Track Your Lost Smartphone Or Tablet With Android Device Manager?

Date added: April 24, 2015

Smartphones with android operating system has become an eminent part of the modern society now. But what if you lose your smartphone or tablet with all your data, applications and others? Losing your device can be actually like becoming handicapped in today’s world. Way to find a lost phone by using app device manager.

Track Your Lost Smartphone Or Tablet

How To Find Your Lost Smartphone Or Tablet With Android Device

Steps To  Track Your Lost Smartphone Or Tablet For Android

Step 1:

First, it is necessary to switch on your Android Device Manager on your smartphone or tablet. This you can do from the option ‘security’ in the Google settings of your device. Also it is necessary to sign in your Google account and associate with the Android Device Manager.

 Step 2:

You also have to turn on the location access from the same Google settings menu where you have to turn ‘location’  option on.

 Step 3:

Now you can check whether you can locate your device or not from your Google account.

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NOTE: Track phone With the help of Android Device Manager, you can not only track your device but can also erase your device data and change your lock screen pin.

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