Top Two Apps To Increase RAM In Android Phones Using SD Card

Date added: January 3, 2015

Top two Apps Download to Increase RAM (Random Access Memory) and update Android Phones and tablets (Samsung, HTC, SONY etc) with SD Card support. No Root.

Top Apps To Increase RAM of Android Phone With SD Card

Software Name File SizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Link2SD4.0MFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Now
Into the Dead5.4MRs.150Life TimeAndroidDownload Now

Increase RAM In Android Phones Using SD Card

Top Apps For To Increase RAM On Android Phone Without Root

Link2SD Increase RAM App

1. One very important thing is to ensure whether your phone supports swapping or not. This can be determined by using swap check app.

2. Divide your SD card by installing mini tool partition wizard. After installed this software, connect your SD card to your mobile and open the installed software. Select the SD card to format and partition it.

3. Increase RAM on android phone, This is done by installing Link2SD app. Download Link2SD, launch it and later give root permission. Next, choose the partition you created and it will automatically link. Next, install the support for root and launch the app and finally select the size of ram you desire.

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RAM Expander

RAM Increase is done using RAM expander which should take you less than 20 minutes. However, consider compatibility of your phone with this app. This can be done by using this compatibility app. Once you’re sure about compatibility then you can follow this procedure

1. Download Ram Expander and install.

2.Choose language, Activate your swap file and enable it.

The procedure of Increase RAM in android smart phone is pretty simple and this can enable you to store your data easily and quickly. The first procedure to Increase RAM is free though lengthier but the second procedure will cost you a few bucks but is very simple to follow.


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