Give An App As A Gift In Android

Date added: April 27, 2015

Are you confused about what gift you should get for your friend? How about gifting an android application for his or her smartphone(give an app as a gift)? This can be a great idea in today’s world of essential android applications.

Way To Give The Gift Of Android App


Do You Gift An Android Application?

A very simple way is to but the Google Play Gift cards from any supermarket and give it as a gift from app store android. Your friend will just have to use the code of the gift card in Google Store to get an application or even online books and movies. Simply go to Google store and select the drop down menu from the right corner and put the coupon code that has to be redeemed.

An alternate way can be of sharing the application using applications such as MyAppSharer or Share App. Make sure that your friend also have the same sharing application like MyAppShare installed in his her device. You can now share applications in the similar way how you share texts in messaging applications with your friend.

Way to give an app ? Applications can be the best gifts of today’s world. Whenever you notice a great app but with charge, don’t you imagine that someone could have gifted you that particular application?

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