Get Extra Storage On Android With A USB Flash Drive

Date added: March 25, 2015

As per the latest market trend, though it is common that most of the Android phones comes with large data storage space.  But at times you may need to have extra storage on your Android device.  Follow our instructions as to how you can mount a USB Flash Drive on your Android device.

Expand External Storage Using With USB Flash Drive For Android

How to get Extra Storage On Android With A USB Flash Drive

Follow Few Step To Get Extra Storage On Android With A USB Flash Drive

Android Mobile devices doesn’t have USB Flash drive port to insert directly as in PC.  So you need adapters like USB OTG(you can buy from eBay) for you to insert USB drive to your Android mobile. Dump all your required files from your PC to USB Flash drive that you want to use on your Android mobile eventually.

Step 1

Initially Not all Android devices supports USB OTG plug and play in such cases first download USB OTG Helper app on to your Android device.

Step 2 

Then plug-in the USB OTG  cable into your Android mobile device along with USB Flash drive which has already has your files loaded and connected to USB OTG adapter cable.

Step 3

After plugged-in the USB Flash drive into USB  OTG  adapter and then connect the cable to your Android mobile device.

Step 4

Now you can find a notification under the Android device notification bar that icon looks like an USB. If you pull the notification drawer, you can see a message confirming that an USB storage is connected to your device.

Step 5

You can now use native Android browser, and can copy files from the USB storage or you can play and watch media files directly from the USB Flash drive.

Having mentioned above tips to connect USB Flash drive to Android devices, there is no guarantee that the adapters will work as expected.  If you fail to connect, please Google for work around solutions to fix your Android devices accordingly.

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