Fix The Speed Of USB Drives

Date added: March 18, 2015

USB drive – which is also known as key-chain drive. USB drive is a portable device with flash memory in it, and it is very light in weight. USB drive replaced the age-old floppy disks and CDs subsequently. USB drivers will be recognised as a removable disk when users plug into PCs USB ports.

Speed Up Your USB Drive For Faster Transfer Rate

How To Fix The Speed Of USB Drives

Steps To USB Drive Optimization For Better Performance

Step 1

Ensure that your USB drive is plugged into your computer.

Step 2

Select My computer-USB drive-Mouse Right click on USB drive.

Step 3

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Select Format – Format Removable Disk window opens-up.

Step 4

Navigate to allocation size under Allocation unit size to check allocation size(e.g.4096bytes).

Step 5

Select a Video or a File from My Documents, transfer files to USB drive.

Step 6

File transfer is progressing slower than expected, so cancel the file transfer.
Now repeat the navigation as in Step 2 and 3.

Step 7

Change the allocation size to 32 kilo bytes and click on Start button.A warning window pops-up regarding format changes and click OK.

Step 8

After few seconds you will see Format Complete window and click OK.Now  transfer a file from your computer to your USB drive and notice the speed after Format.

You must have noticed the speed increase on your USB drive now.

USB drivers are more compatible for the users as they can use on the go. Since the USB 3.o drivers are engineered with multi-level cell memory based, so it offers a great longevity to its users. The general file speed of USB 3.0 drives are faster than its predecessors in case of read and write.

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