3 Quick Steps To Disable USB Port In Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: January 1, 2015

To disable USB port/ Block USB Port in all windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, windows 10 for data. Here Follow 3 Easy Steps to disable.

Block/ Disable USB Port in Windows 7, 8.1

Disable USB Port In Windows 7, 8.1 | Block Usb Port

Speed Up PC By Blocking Unused USB Port 

USB port block, here is the steps change setting in registry, a computer database which holds settings for hardware and software configurations.Many times we want to restrict users from using USB drives in our laptops/desktops. on that time you think disable this option. Here, we provide clear details for Block  option.

Universal Serial Bus Ports are connectors used to link computers and electronic devices to transfer data or provide power using cable. If you don’t want use on that time you may select disable option. Here, we are giving process how to disable USB Port in windows 8.1/8/7/10.

Follow below Steps for Disable USB Port

Step 1

Click Run and type regedit then choose OK, on the Registry Editor window navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM]CurrentControlSet\services\USBSTOR.

Step 2

Double click Start on the right side and modify the value to 4 and the Base value should be Hexadecimal, select Ok and restart your computer. Now done with the process

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Step 3

To reverse the process just change the value to 3 and restart your computer.Uninstall USB Drivers in Device manager by selecting uninstall in Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

How to Disable  USB Port connection protects information, boosts security and integrity of data and this limits spread of viruses,worms and malware and restricts data transfer.

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