3 Simple Ways To Create, Convert Multiple Word Documents into PDF Files

Date added: October 21, 2014

Pdf files carry a big advantage against other types of file format types, mostly because of their read only attribute i.e without editable. The big question is how you can create and convert multiple MS word , jpg image, excel, epub, xls documents, web pages into pdf doc without incurring an extra dollar. There are various best ways am going to explain, so do take the most easiest to follow way.

Before we start, do ensure you have your preferred PDF reader and creator installed in your windows 10, 8 and win 7.

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Steps to Converting Word Document to PDF Files:

I assume you have Microsoft office software already installed in your windows 7 or windows 8.1 computer. To fast access Microsoft office word file, go to any search key (windows 8.1) or the windows button and type MS word. Choose Microsoft word document and open it.  Type whatever data you were supposed to include in your PDF file. Mostly, do ensure you type and counter check your work as PDF files are read only.

PDF Files Converting Steps:

a) Click on “File” located on top of your open Microsoft word document.
b) Choose ‘save as’ and click on it.
c) A dialog box appears asking you to name your MS Word document. Just below it, do ensure you click that drop-down menu where you are asked “save as type” and choose pdf format.
d) Click “save” just below there and your MS word document opens as a saved pdf document format.


a) Click on “File”
b) Choose “Print”
c) In the drop down menu for the printer, choose your pdf printer.
d) Save your PDF document in your preferred windows location.

Find PDF Files Reader

a) In your opened microsoft word document, do type everything you are required. On the top left corner, find for your PDF reader and click it.

b) A dialog box appears asking you to create your PDF file. You may want to change your settings.

c) You will be asked to save your Microsoft Word document before saving, confirm and move on to save your document. You will find “file as type” will already be pdf.

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Using an Online PDF Files Resource

a) Do ensure you have your MS word documents already written and saved.

b) Search for an pdf converter online multiple files, you may opt for printinpdf.com

c) Select “Browse files” to find the word document you had created earlier.

d) Click “convert to pdf”. If prompted to give an email address, give out one as the converted document will be emailed to this email.

e) Once through, you will be required to check your email and download your converted PDF files.

These are tried out methods. Feel free and use any of them to convert your documents.

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