Quick Steps To Connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC via Bluetooth

Date added: October 21, 2014

Here We Provide you some simple, quick steps to connect Android Mobile Phone to Windows PC Via Bluetooth for transferring files and for internet browsing between PC and Phones.

In many cases, we don’t have a phone-to-PC or PC-to-phone cable available, that’s why it’s very convenient to be able to send a file wirelessly, internet access, using camera, make calls from your phone to the computer or the other way around. However, using Bluetooth on computer is not as simple as on a phone.

Note: Before reading further to the tutorial, there’s one thing you should make sure. Some laptop, computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth feature. For those computers, it’s not possible to share files over Bluetooth. However, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter, which plugs into the USB slot on your computer, allowing your computer to use Bluetooth.

Steps To Create Bluetooth Connection to PC  from Android Mobile Phone



Two different ways to connect your Android mobile phone, iPad to PC via Bluetooth.

One way is to connect from android to PC, and the second is basically the same, just the opposite. But both have the same result. I will only do the tutorial of one of them here.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone, and make it discoverable by clicking the device’s name in the Bluetooth settings.

2. Go to “Devices and Printers” on your computer.

3. Click “Add a device”.

4. Choose your android device on the list, then click next.

5. A pairing code will appear. Make sure it’s the same code on both devices which indicates you are pairing the right devices.

6. Wait until the process is complete. And your devices are connected!

7. Enjoy!

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Now that you have Bluetooth available, there are a lot of things you can do. Software apps are also available to connect and control PC via Bluetooth.

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