Quick Settings To Fix Cursor Jumping Problem In Laptops

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Cursor jumping problem in laptops very common and an annoying problem that we face while working in our laptop is that the cursor jumps from one location to another. If you are typing something, you might be totally lost and end up making several changes.

Easy Setting To Solve Cursor Jumping Problem in Laptop

Fix Cursor Jumping Problem In Laptops

Troubleshoot For Cursor Jumping Problem

The cursor jumping problem in laptop mainly because we accidentally touch the touchpad while typing. There are a few ways to solve this.

Guide To Change The Mouse Settings

  • For Windows 7 and below: -> Click on Start. > Click Control Panel. > Click on Mouse. > Click on the Pointer Options Tab. > Uncheck Hide Pointer While Typing box. > Click OK.
  • For Windows 8: -> Move the cursor to the top right or the bottom right of the screen and click on Settings. > Select PC Settings. > Click on Mouse and Touchpad. > Under the touchpad option, you can see a drop down from where you can choose no delay option to disable to the movement of the cursor.
  • While ‘No delay‘ is the recommended option, you could also choose Long delay.

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If the cursor jumping problem occures. Installing a software called Touch Freeze would also fix this situation. Touch Freeze is a Windows utility that disables the touchpad when you type. The touchpad will automatically be enabled once you start using it. It involves simple installation steps and no configuration. It sits in the system tray once you install it. Touch Freeze Download

While the solution to the cursor jumping problem looks uncomplicated, reasons such as malware or hardware damage of the alphabet keys/alphabet sensors could also be contributing factors to the problem. It would be wise to isolate the cause and then apply the appropriate fix.

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