Find Duplicate Files | 3 Simple Steps To Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

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Date added: December 16, 2014

The software which you can use as duplicate file remover, photos, outlook messages, music, etc from your computer is NoClone which is a freeware. find and delete duplicate files is a simple with noclone very powerful utility that works just awesome helping users to save disk space by revealing duplicate files stored on your computer and delete duplicate files. With NoClone, you can choose to locate documents by identical names by a quick comparison procedure and content, as well as by partially matching text.

Quick Steps To Delete Duplicate Files Using Noclone For Free

Find Duplicate Files |Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

Find And Delete Duplicate Files

Step 1:  Specify the folder or set of folders that you want to search and also specify the specific file types like photos, music etc that it should find. You can also specify the size of the files along with the date modified.

Download NOCLONE duplicate file finder and remover HERE for windows 7, 8.1.

Step 2:   The program delete duplicate files as it will scan the folders and will show you a list of all the duplicate files that it found. You can either delete duplicate files or move them to a different folder. The program also lets you view the image and its duplicate side by side so that the user can compare the contents of a folder as well as compare file changes against portable drives or USB drives.

Find Duplicate Files | Delete Duplicate Files On Windows

Step 3:   Apart from finding duplicate files, this program also can perform fuzzy search and help you in finding files that appear to be very similar to each other. With this method, you can quickly locate and delete duplicate files that clog your memory space. This software find and remove duplicate files that may have been downloaded by accident, file types including pdf, avi, flv, xls, torrent, iso etc.

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Thus, regularly use this software to delete duplicate files windows, check your system for any duplicates that maybe available to clean them and free your memory.


  1. Using it to delete duplicate files from my computer..

  2. Nice! I’ll be adding this on my list. I also use DuplicateFilesDeleter, which is super effective.

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