3 Simple Ways To Extend Laptop’s Battery Life

Date added: October 8, 2014

Saving on battery life is an easy action which any user who has knowledge of operating computers can achieve comfortably and anytime.

Tips to Save laptop’s Battery Life



The 3 magical steps to be followed are

1) First and foremost, the most effective way is to switch your Laptop into balanced power consumption where the performance is not too high to consume a lot of power.This can be achieved by employing inbuilt options found in most laptops which allows a set of Pre-configured power options to be activated.

2)Secondly, Users should ensure that they switch-off/ close unnecessary files/ programs when not in use to minimize on power consumption, i.e. shut down streaming media, Download programs, chat programs and VPN connections.

3)Users can employ tactics like single tasking and avoid multitasking. Lastly, adjusting personal setting like Screen brightness, switch off Camera, reduce speaker volume or use smaller speakers can reduce power consumption.

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